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Oil stop valve
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Oil stop valve LFCV50BH

The connection between the oil separator and the oil injiection nozzles during the shut down has to be cut off avoid blowing out oil through the suction line.During the start up the oil stop valve should be open as fast as possible to ensure an accurate lubrication and cooling of the compressor.The signal pressure inlet E is connected directly to a connection in the discharge duct of the compressor upstream from the non-return valve .Alternatively,the valve can be opende or closed by signal pressure form a reliable solenoid valve.

Details Introduction

Oil stop valve LFCV is normally close valve.The valve is controlled by the discharge pressure of the air end.The LFCV valve opens when the compressor starts operating.It closes at shut down.O type seal rings on the valve seat and piston guide prevent any lakage. No oil can pass through the valve in the closed position.

Attention! Never attempt to disassamble a cylinder whilst under pressure!

Technical parameters

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