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Proportional control valve
High pressure negative proportional control valve LHP3N

For stepless (infinitely variable) capacity control of diesel compressors:

Both proportional controller types LHP3E and LHP3N are designed to govern capacity control devices of compressors, speed control devices of engines, bleed valves, and bypass valves.

Details Introduction


Types LHP3E and LHP3N applied as proportional controllers: The pressure at inlet E is transformed directly to an analogue pneumatic signal at outlet A. Within the control band  of the controller this signal is proportional to an increasing or decreasingpressureatinletE.

Types LHP3E give a rising control signal at A on increasing pressureatE(positive acting or directacting-seediagram1).Types LHP3N  give a rising control  signal at A on decreasing pressureatE(negativeacting or inverseacting-seediagram2).

Types LHP3E applied as small relief valve or signal pressure limitator:

The controller nozzle opens steplessly,if the pressure at inlet E exceeds the set point.

The amount of air vented via the outlet A is proportional to the increasing pressure at inlet E.

Types LHP3E applied as proportional controller plus bleedvalve:Some executions of direct acting controllers may be used for both stepless capacity control and zero load bypass on small or medium sized compressors.


The set point is adjusted by turning the hand wheel

* to a higher pressure: clockwise

* to a lower pressure: counterclockwise

Ordering details


Proportional band (control band):

increase:  install an outlet nozzle with larger diameter

decrease: install an outlet nozzle with smaller diameter

Technical parameters


                     高压正比例阀 LHP3E                              高压反比例阀 LHP3N

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