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Air compressor how empty and load operation?


How can a, air compressor to run idle?

A: air compressor must be advanced in the formal test limits car running, then load operation.

Run idle sequence is as follows:

1, all levels of inlet and vent valve will be removed.

2, air compressor started racing, motor starter switch continuous run a few times first, observe whether air compressor running direction and institutions work is normal.If there is no abnormal phenomenon, then closing operation in turn 5 minutes, 30 minutes, and 4 to 8 hours.Before each operation should be check air compressor parts, confirmation of the normal starting and running.

3, when motion mechanism adopts circulation lubrication, lubricating oil in operation before the input distribution piping pressure shall not exceed the equipment technical documents specified value, but also shall not be less than 1 kg/c ㎡.Crankcase or the temperature of the lubricating oil is: inside the fuselage there are cross the air compressor shall not exceed 60 ℃;The crosshead must not exceed 70 ℃.

4, should sound of each moving parts in the normal operation, shall have a clattering sound and noise.

5, when idle running, the air compressor fasteners, each connecting parts should be no loose phenomenon.

6, oiler. It should be good to the cylinder oil, cooling water should be clear.

Second, the air compressor operation how to load?

A: air compressor load operation is in run idle for the first time and after the completion of the purge.

Air compressor should load operation according to the following requirements:

1, drive gradually closed after cutting or oil-water deforestation, blowing the emptying under a quarter of the pressure rating of the air compressor running 1 hour.Under pressure from 1/2 rated running four to eight hours.

2, air compressor running under the minimum pressure, no abnormal phenomenon, the pressure will be increased;

In 3, for large high pressure air compressor, nominal pressure operation time shall not be less than 24 hours;

4, in the process of operation, check the following items:

Lubricating oil pressure, temperature and oil supply.Oil pressure before into the distribution piping shall be not less than 1 kg/c ㎡.Crankcase or lubricating oil inside the fuselage wet should be: is there a cross air compressor must not exceed 60 ℃.The crosshead must not exceed 70 ℃.

Air compressor running smoothly, all moving parts should be normal.

Water temperature at the inlet and outlet of the measure and check the cooling water supply and cooling water is not allowed to flow in an intermittent and has bubbles and jam phenomenon.Cooling water drainage temperature shall not exceed 40 ℃.

The state bureau of surveying and mapping to the flange part, shaft seal, inlet and exhaust valve, cylinder head and the water jacket and so on, must not leak, oil spills, leaking.

Inlet and exhaust valve work should be normal, safe cut sensitive.

The connection part can not have loose phenomenon.

Measuring exhaust gas temperature and pressure values at various levels shall comply with the provisions of the various technical conditions.

Motor heating situations and current value should comply with the rules.

5, after the operation, the overhaul of the following items:

Remove the gas cutting at all levels, at all levels before the cylinder cover, check the cylinder lens face friction condition, such as friction marks should find out why.

Check the piston rod surface friction condition, should not have grinding crack and pulled the phenomenon.

Remove the gas cutting at all levels, monitor the joint of the cut piece and cutting, cutting slices such as crack, spare parts for it.

Check the cross slide, and fuselage on the surface of the guide rail friction friction.

Remove the big end, crosshead pin, check the friction of the friction.

Replace the fuselage in lubricating oil.Air compressor for the first time after operation;Because all the parts are on Monday, and lubricating oil cleaning effect, a large number of tiny metal powder into the lubricating oil, therefore, the machine after 24 hours of work after all the lubricating oil should be changed.After 200 hours of operation change new oil it one more time.Change twice, after oil change according to the requirements of regular maintenance.

In order to make the bonding and uniform, operation for the first time must make everywhere there are good lubricating oil.

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