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Air compressor maintenance and maintenance measures are discussed


  The introduction

  The coming of information society for people's life more and more high-tech introduced technology, modern enterprise in order to win the victory of the competition in the market of the use of advanced equipment and the introduction of advanced equipment management technology, especially JuHua group company as a manufacturing enterprise.Maintenance and repair of equipment necessary to prevent equipment of the nature of the degradation, improve equipment utilization, at the same time can also extend the service life of equipment.This article discusses the air compressor maintenance and repair.

  1 summary of air compressor working principle

  Air compressor is short for air compressor, widely used in industrial and agricultural production, JuHua has very much, and it can provide compressed air, to provide power for pneumatic machinery, can also be a gas production process.Its working principle is: first of all, into the air filters in the air compressor, the impurities such as dust will be filtered out, and then enter into the host of the compressor is compressed, blended with cooling lubricants at the same time, the last from the compression chamber into the oil and gas separation tank.Compressed gas after a collision and gravity, the oil will be separated.The next step is the separation of oil and gas, in essence oil and gas separator, the purpose is to further isolate the mixed oil gas.Once the air pressure reaches a certain value, will open the minimum pressure valve, the gas is expelled into the cooler, for cooling, finally can be put into use.

  2 air compressor maintenance content

  In the maintenance of air compressor, the focus of the overall maintenance is fixed corresponding operation level, better operating time is determined in advance.Daily maintenance is focused on the usual examination and nursing care, timely find fault and give out.Regular maintenance is focused on the inspection and maintenance of fixed time period.The following were introduced.

  2.1 maintenance as a whole

  In general maintenance, when the parts need to replace, first of all, should will turn off the power supply of air compressor, will be released all the backlog of pressure, then put the end cover is removed, nuts and other components.When need to adjust period of oil change, to clean and replace the oil filter oil return valve, pay attention to the operation time was the first time in the air compressor operation after 500 hours.In the control circuit when conducting inspection, need to be in air compressor boot after 50 hours, and every six months the need for a check.

  2.2 daily maintenance

  Daily maintenance work includes the following areas: to examine the operation switch work, check the compressor lube oil level is normal, ensure enough oil.Appear abnormal sound of running unit and oil leakage check to see if the computer controller there are fault alarm.In addition, the positive and negative to often clean the surface of the air compressor and the surface of the cooler, especially the corners of the position and the dust fan blades, to fully guarantee the cooling performance of the unit and to prevent the corrosion of the unit.

  2.3 regular maintenance

  Regular maintenance, including month JiXiu and half a year, also need to conduct a comprehensive overhaul when necessary.Monthly maintenance content including: check the temperature of the air compressor exhaust switches are in good condition, to measure the quality of lubricating oil, check to see if the metamorphism.Dust on the inside of the electric cabinet to clean and check all the hoses, to see if there are broken and the phenomenon of aging.Intervals of two months need to daub grease on bearing of the motor, JiXiu mainly include clean air filter core and oil filter core and filter of air compressor oil.Half a year of content is: change of oil and gas separator core cleaning, cleaning air cooler and oil cooler.Need for air compressor in the process of overhauling the comprehensive inspection and maintenance, the maintenance is generally was press run for a long time or abnormal operating conditions used.It includes the stator, rotor and vane cleaning, replacement of damaged body and oil and gas separator core and cleaning for oil circulation system.

  3 air compressor maintenance content

  Common air compressor fault are: air pressure is abnormal, remove the gas amount is not enough, can't normal boot, abnormal temperature and explosion phenomenon, etc.Parts of air compressor by the wear will cause if cooperate to a change in the clearance between the parts and design pressure in value, there is a deviation, the phenomenon of displacement is insufficient.The causes of insufficient displacement include air noise elimination filter and valve anomalies, the rigor of the lubricating oil appear less oil, and the phenomenon of poor quality, the exhaust temperature too high.

  For air compressor fault symptoms listed above, the actual implementation of maintenance should be concrete analysis, targeted use appropriate maintenance measures, to ensure its safe operation.1) maintenance of displacement is not enough.As due to lack of oil displacement is insufficient, should first check and clean the air compressor air silencer, if the location of the lubricating oil in the oil standard position under a third, should add engine oil of the same material, open air compressor after starting the power supply.If there is the sound of knock, should check the crankshaft, piston, connecting rod and the cylinder, when these positions appear crack, can according to the size of the crack shape to determine the time of oil shortage.At this time should replace the damaged parts.Maintenance method of air noise elimination filter anomalies in rigor is always to be washed, the machine should be cleaned once per run 200 hours.Should choose high quality lubricating oil and new oil in time, ensure the quality.2) cooling system fault maintenance.Place in cooling water outlet pipe should be installed on a water meter shell, when the table there are bubbles on the mirror, suggests that mixed with air in the cooling system, should be timely cleaning.To pay attention to the cooling system for regular descaling, try to use copper corrugated pipe cooler core.

  4 conclusion

  As a kind of nature more sophisticated devices, air compressor under the gas stable external environment to maintain enough stability and higher quality of work, meet the production and living needs.For air compressor maintenance and repair method has important practical significance, and carries on the discussion in this paper is to discuss, hope to related research and practice for the future work to provide the reference and help.

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