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Air compressor head always appear wear away, what happened?


Machines in use to a certain amount of time there is always some problems, such as screw air compressor head wear fault is very common, head wear with sound and main reasons are as follows:

1, the screw air compressor set environment and working environment.When our machine running in the harsh environment, such as mining, cement, ceramics, such as dust, sand, working long hours this kind of environment, will cause the head wear.

2, use the bad oil or lubricating oil for a long time did not change.Lubricating oil is equivalent to our human body blood, can have the lubrication effect of the running of the machine process, reduce the friction between the parts and components.Can also play the role of clean, seal, cooling.For oil, we'd better to buy home furnishings, used to a certain time for replacement.

3, the filtering precision can not meet the requirements.Screw air compressor filter aging, or because of dust appear congestion.We should be clear in time and change the filter, ensure accuracy of filtering.

4, the machine for a long time the lack of maintenance.Maintenance costs a fee, many companies believe that maintenance cost is too expensive, but not time for maintenance work, make some spare parts work more than often, eventually lead to damage of the host.

5. In order to protect the unit safe, when pressure switch setting error or failure, for air compressor in barrels of oil and gas pressure is higher than the rated pressure of 0.1 Mpa when the relief valve will open.

6. The top of the barrel of oil and gas oil and gas separator outlet set minimum pressure valve opening pressure 0.45 Mpa.

7. There are two kinds of after cooler cold way, respectively is: air cooling and water cooling, after after cooler cooling to reduce the temperature of compressed air vent, to ensure that the compressed air in accordance with the parameters of the compressed air post-processing equipment.

8. Will stop after the air compressor, the discharge valve open the discharge pressure in barrels of oil, make the air compressor next time when you run in under circumstances of empty load and start the operation.

Screw air compressor host is equivalent to our heart, is the most important, the whole machine is only to ensure the normal operation of the host, our machine can work normally, so as to bring benefits to our enterprises.

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