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Air compressor energy saving eight paths, you know?


Air compressor is one of the general equipment manufacturing, completes the air compressor energy saving management is to realize the essential of enterprise energy saving work.In order to enterprise production cost savings, equipped with energy-efficient air compressor is imminent.So how to make the air compressor energy saving?This article summarizes the air compressor energy saving eight common path, want to help enterprises achieve the goal of saving electricity consumption of large energy consumption.

To have been listed in the state out of energy-consuming equipment directory, and low energy efficiency of air compressor, want to consider using high efficiency new type air compressor is updated overall.

1, governance, leakage

According to calculation, a 1 mm square holes, the 7 bar pressure, leakage of about 1.5 L/S, check all the conveying pipeline and gas points, especially the place such as joints, valves, timely handling leakage point.

2, the pressure drop

Through a pipeline section pressure manometer detection, detailed check your paragraphs pressure drop, there is a problem of pipe network period of inspection maintenance in a timely manner.General air compressor export to gas, the pressure drop is no more than 1 bar, strict and even less than 10% or 0.7 bar, person of filtering general 0.2 bar pressure drop. The factory try to decorate ring pipe network, and balance the gas pressure.

3, adjust the gas pressure equipment matching

Assessment of gas pressure requirements of the device, in the case of ensure production lower air compressor exhaust pressure as far as possible.Every 1 bar below the air compressor exhaust pressure, energy saving is about 7-10%.

4, adjust unreasonable gas behavior

According to authoritative data, the air compressor power utilization rate is only about 10%, about 90% is converted to heat energy lost, need to evaluate factory with pneumatic equipment, whether to switch to electric.At the same time, it should be resolutely put an end to the use of compressed wind in routine cleaning work.

5, using the model set point

Air compressor number less, can use a frequency conversion air compressor surge tank, if the quantity is more, can be used on linkage control, avoid many sets of air compressor cascade exhaust pressure rise resulted from the parameter Settings.

6, repair and maintenance of equipment, clean

Increase the air compressor cooling effect, the exchange of water cooling, air cooling heat exchanger effect, keep the oil clean.

7, air compressor heat recovery

Heat recovery of air compressor oil is the preparation of hot water, and used for other processes or assisted living facility.

8, drying system modification or replacement

New wind heat drying equipment use air compressor for compressed air drying dehydration, energy-saving rate of more than 80%.

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